Nothing works in isolation, therefore nothing is injured in isolation, therefore nothing should be treated in isolation

At Kilkenny Osteopathic Clinic, our approach takes the whole body into account – the metabolic system, the central nervous system, and the musculoskeletal system – to find the cause and get to the root of the problem.

This approach offers a long-lasting solution for our clients, alleviating both the symptoms and the cause.

Examples :

  1. If a patient presents with knee/hip pain/low back pain, we access the whole body alignment using this specialised palpatory technique. In this way we can evaluate not just how the joint is working, but also how the weight bearing is going through that joint, and its function in relation to the rest of the body mechanics.
  2. If a baby presents with reflux/colic/constipation, using this very gentle palpatory skill we can check why the baby is in so much discomfort. For example with reflux, we evaluate how the diaphragm of the stomach is functioning. We then treat what we find using a very gentle, safe technique.

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